(Jan 21 - Feb 19)

The sun in your birth sign marks the start of a brand new cycle and it is important you get off to a flying start. Fortunately, you should have a clear idea of what you are hoping to achieve over the next few weeks.

(Feb 20 - Mar 20)

Try not to be too emotional this week, especially from Tuesday when Mercury joins the sun in the most sensitive area of your chart. It’s easy to see the worst in situations when, in reality, there’s nothing to worry about. Don’t give in to self-pity.

(Mar 21 - Apr 20)

You may not fully understand what’s going on now but there’s nothing to fear. The changes taking place may seem profound but they’re really quite simple and natural. All you have to do is let them happen.

(Apr 21 - May 21)

It’s time to get serious about your ambitions. With clever Mercury next to the sun in your chart’s midheaven, you can make the breakthrough you’ve always dreamed of – but only if you make the necessary sacrifices.

(May 22 - Jun 21)

You’re in no mood to let others claim the credit for what you have done. Woe betide them if they try. You’re gradually coming round to the realisation that not everyone shares your integrity and modesty.

(Jun 22 - Jul 23)

If you appreciate what someone has done for you recently, go out of your way to thank them this week. Your act of kindness will make a big impression – the kind that could benefit you in weeks to come.

(Jul 24 - Aug 23)

If you have the courage to face your emotions, especially negative ones, you can easily control and conquer them. You certainly won’t escape feelings of doubt or inadequacy by pretending they don’t exist.

(Aug 24 - Sep 23)

If someone needs encouragement you’re just the person to provide it, but they must do the work themselves. If you get too involved you’ll end up doing much of it for them, which defeats the objective.

(Sep 24 - Oct 23)

While your conscience warns you certain issues must be dealt with immediately, you’re not in a serious frame of mind. So instead of changing your intentions every few minutes make this a time for fun.

(Oct 24 - Nov 22)

Now at last you’ll be able to explain to partners and loved ones what it is that’s worrying you. You’ll find it much easier to put your fears into words. They’ll be able to explain why you’re looking at things the wrong way round.

(Nov 23 - Dec 21)

Go out of your way to be nice to people this week, even those you think don’t deserve it. For too long you’ve been caught in a vicious circle of complaints and criticisms. It’s time you brought this childishness to an end.

(Dec 22 - Jan 20)

Anything can happen this week and probably will. The approaching eclipse should help break the deadlock in your financial affairs. You will also get a new perspective on what you should be aiming to achieve.