Let’s Eat Grandma

I, Gemini


4/5 stars

Even if you ignore the neon cartoon cover and playful song titles (Chocolate Sludge Cake, Chimpanzees in Canopies), Let’s Eat Grandma, an experimental teenage duo from Norwich, Britain, cram a surprising amount of psychedelic joy into their weird and wonderful debut album. Seemingly willing to chuck everything – bar the kitchen sink, maybe – at each track, multi-instrumentalists Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth (aged 16 and 17, respectively) layer xylophones with accordions and, like any hipster worth her salt, ukuleles to create whimsical nursery rhymes that jump like an epileptic-flea circus. Surely influenced by CocoRosie and Björk, Let’s Eat Grandma’s music would be a right pig’s ear in lesser hands, but the talented duo jump in, hitting just the right spot feet first.


Dreamy opener Deep Six Textbook floats on a gorgeous trip hop groove before the cosmic Europop of Eat Shiitake Mushrooms introduces childish rap into the chaos. It’s not every day that a debut sounding like Kate Bush knocking back ketamine with The Flaming Lips while stuck on an eternal merry-go-round arrives but, when it does, I’d suggest we all eat Grandma.