Against the Current
In Our Bones
Fueled by Ramen


Formed in 2011, ballsy pop-rock trio Against the Current, who will make a stop at Mong Kok’s MacPherson Stadium on September 16, announced their arrival on the rock scene with a well-conceived onslaught of YouTube cover versions. From the opening of Running With the Wild Things, the fiery lead track of their debut album, In Our Bones, it’s obvious the clean-cut New York threesome’s flavour of rock leans more towards adrenaline power pop than anything Keith Richards would drink to. Like much pop-rock, these 12 tracks possess a clichéd, spirited, us-against-them attitude and, built on simple, catchy struc­tures, are designed to draw attention to the raspy vocals of Chrissy Costanza. Perfectly mixing dynamic verses and soaring singalong choruses (One More Weekend, Young & Relentless and the polished arena anthem Forget Me Now) with punchy angsty ballads (Demons, Wasteland), In Our Bones is nauseatingly inoffensive and radio-friendly. Still, it should please many a feisty teenage “rebel”, much to their middle-class parents’ disgust.