Anyone who has followed bearded yogi and experimental rapper Sumach Ecks from his groundbreaking and critically lauded 2010 debut A Sufi and a Killer to the 2012 follow-up MU.ZZ.LE, will know that Callus, the third album under Ecks’ Gonjasufi alias, is not going to be an easy listen. Ecks’ cryptic poetry and glitchy hip hop has always been full of dark psychedelia and sinister energy, and from the throbbing bass line and lyrical wailing that drives opener Your Maker, Callus is no exception. It’s an album that embraces pain and anger. “How can you not be in pain? It ain’t about getting past that s**t. It’s about growing into it. I peeled through all these layers to get to the core. I channelled all the misunderstanding and misery and torment – that’s what it is, torment – into this,” states the artist. Written, performed and produced by Ecks, and featuring former Cure guitarist Pearl Thompson, these 19 lo-fi soundscapes are bleak and chaotic. Ecks’ throaty rasp offers little light or hope from his twisted dystopian nightmares.