The Wytches
All Your Happy Life

After emerging in 2014 with polished melodic debut Annabel Dream Reader, The Wytches have turned inward with this dark, moody follow-up. The permanent addition of key­board­ist Mark Breed has turned the Brighton-based psych-rock (or surf-doom, as they prefer to label themselves) trio into a four piece but, strangely, their sound has taken a lo-fi turn. The intensity of their live shows still fuels the furious racket but this new approach makes for a more cohesive journey through the shadows. Lead single C-Sidebristles with chaotic fuzziness and shares similar scuzzy ground with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, while the thunderous stomp of Ghost-Housealmost drowns in its own sludge of reverb. The album highlight is kept afloat by Kristian Bell’s raspy howls and blasts of psychedelic keys. The band’s progress is best highlighted on slower numbers Thronedand A Dead Night Again. Here, the sullen pace introduces an even weightier heaviness to the gloom. And just in time for Halloween!