No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe


For their seventh studio album, electronic post-rock instrumentalists 65daysofstatic have created a soundtrack for a space-exploration video game played in a vast universe – with more than 18 quintillion planets, if you’re counting. Even for a band that have consistently produced expansive and mesmerising cinematic soundscapes, that’s a pretty tall order. Fans of 2013’s critically acclaimed Wild Light will see No Man’s Sky as a natural progression of the Sheffield quartet’s sound and, with the band due to headline Clockenflap’s KEF stage on Saturday, the city lights will surely only add to the exhilarating sci-fi vibe of these intense, galactic tunes. Foreboding opener Monolith builds around heavy percussion and a propulsive electronic rhythm, before the soaring guitars of Supermoon take us into more typical post-rock territory. There’s no denying this genre is often in danger of repeat­ing itself – Asimov could be mistaken for a Mogwai tune – but No Man’s Sky proves to be as exhilarating as space travel itself, a work of scope and ambition, and the perfect score to an infinite cosmos.