Robbie Williams
The Heavy Entertainment Show

Whether he’s popping in and out of rehab, hunting extraterrestrials or squabbling with famous neighbour Jimmy Page, Robbie Williams’ journey from boy-band pin-up to cheeky mega-selling tattooed pop monkey has never failed to grab headlines. Throughout the huge successes and minor failures of his 20-year solo career, Williams has consistently coloured his catchy pop tunes with an enchanting and self-deprecating sense of humour, giving him the air of the underdog and champion of the people. While Williams can adapt his music to almost any style, the pop chameleon knows he is first and foremost an entertainer, and a damn good one. Having reunited with hit-making partner Guy Chambers, Williams is back on form on The Heavy Entertainment Show. From the stomping glam rocker Bruce Lee, invoking the glittery spirit of Marc Bolan, to the glorious pop banger Party Like a Russian and the saucy Motherf***er, dedicated to his young son (“Your mother is a nutter/ We are mad motherf***ers”), this is the sound of Williams polishing his pop crown.