Thee Oh Sees
An Odd Entrances
Castle Face

Arriving only three months after their excellent and raucous A Weird Exits , the 18th studio album (and third release within the past six months if you count Live in San Francisco) from never-lazy Bay Area rockers Thee Oh Sees is a companion piece that runs at psychedelic tangents to its predecessor’s fizzing garage rock. Where the band’s previous albums had delicious nuggets of psych-pop buried within the ferocious guitar shredding, A Weird Exits was more a full-on “face-skinning” groove and it seems frontman and core member John Dwyer had been keeping back all the trippy, contemplative sweetness for this release. Recorded during the same sessions and with their new dual drummer line-up, the six tracks, clocking in at just over 30 minutes, are a hushed affair, The Poem rolling along on a rhythmic mellow­ness that wouldn’t seem out of place on The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour. With shuffling drums and a dancing flute, Jammed Exit flutters on a pleasant celestial groove but ultimately leaves you wishing for Dwyer to stamp on the reverb pedal and rip a few thunderous chords.