2112 (40th Anniversary Edition)

In 1976, fearing they had missed their chance at mainstream commercial success, Canadian prog-rockers Rush decided to play by their own rules, wresting back creative independence from their record company with the release of their fourth album, the rock opera 2112. Side one (we’re talking proper albums here, kids) was just one track, comprising the seven-part title suite, based on the novella Anthem, by Ayn Rand. At more than 20 ridiculously grandiose minutes, music doesn’t come much more proggy – and it’s hardly surprising that Rush fans consider 2112 one of the band’s classics. This deluxe 40th anniversary release features the original album remastered at Abbey Road Studios and a disc of other artists’ versions. Grunge rockers Alice in Chains take on Tears while pop-punkers Billy Talent deliver a typically fiery version of A Passage to Bangkok, but it’s Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins, with their cover of Overture, who are most faithful to the cause.