While most musicians hope to leave a legacy, few can lay claim to having created a genre. London MC Richard Cowie, aka Wiley, is one of those rare gems, a legitimate musical pioneer, but even masters of their craft have a shelf life.After a friend recently questioned whether he still had a relevant position in grime (the mix of UK garage and hip hop Wiley helped invent), the artist said he had decided not to release Godfather. Thankfully, you can’t keep a good man down and Wiley has shown he is still crucial: “I know it’s a new day now. But this is grime. There will never be a time when I don’t know how to do it.” Godfather snakes at a frantic pace, Wiley’s often manic rhymes swaggering with the wit and confidence of a man who knows he’s at the top of his game. If his 11th studio album proves to be his last, as he claims it will be, then the veteran rapper is going out with a bang.