Sun Eat Moon Grave Party

Lithe Records

With influences including “disappointment” and lyrics such as “if anxiety were water, I guess I’d be the f***ing ocean”, you don’t have to look too intently to find the angst-ridden pulse of Singapore post-rockers Forests. Adam, Darell and Niki, who take to the stage at Causeway Bay’s Focal Fair on March 3, are proud to wear their emo hearts on their sleeves, and their debut album, Sun Eat Moon Grave Party, is rife with brooding imperfections. The mainly shouted vocals are loose and raw, far removed from pop idol aspirations and more akin to your drunk mates murdering the jukebox. The high-energy tracks are driven by far-from-happy lyrics (“you’re so cute I want to punch your stupid face”) and some intricate guitar doodling. Behind those strained emo vocals, though, the musicianship and math-rock time changes are super tight and, with repeated listens, the melodies start to shine through.