Thievery Corporation
The Temple of I & I

ESL Music

Some of us enjoy a good curveball, revelling in what life unexpec­tedly throws at us, while others find something they like and stick to it, happy to know exactly what they can expect. Thievery Corporation, the electronic production duo from Washington DC, play to the latter crowd. With nine albums and plenty of after-hours mix sets spanning a double-decade career, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton are – as you would expect – a pretty well-oiled machine, and the tropical grooves found on their 10th long player could easily have been constructed in the trip-hopping late 1990s. Recorded in Jamaica, The Temple of I & I finds the duo spicing up their trademark down-tempo beats a little, however, with roots and reggae flavours, throwing in some dancehall rhythms, live horns and local vocalists. If you like your jazzy dub vibes with a ray of sunshine and a snifter of spiced rum, you won’t be disappointed.