Young Pines

1099 Records

Scandinavia seems to churn out more post-rock groups than it does flat-pack bookcases and the dynamic guitar-based genre has built up an enthusiastic and knowledgeable fanbase around the world. Norwegian instrumental math-rockers 1099 are in the midst of a short and intense Asia tour that has taken in nine cities in 11 days, starting in Beijing and finishing at Mom Livehouse, in North Point,on March 13. While they have been around for 15 years and released a couple of EPs, the glacial rockers didn’t release their debut album until 2013, followed by a majestic second effort, Young Pines, two years later. As with most post-rock, 1099’s sound is both heavy and beautifully melodic. The songs are driven by a tight rhythm section while the double guitars (the quartet are joined by a third guitarist/keyboardist on stage) add complex layers of mood to the dark and ambient atmosphere, as heard on the epic 10-minute centrepiece, Palatine Light.