Hot Thoughts

Dependability should really be a dirty word when it comes to rock ’n’ roll. But Britt Daniel and Jim Eno, the core duo in Texas rockers Spoon, have been so consistently reliable in their songwriting during the past two decades that the band has become dependably sexy to many an alt-indie rock fan. Quantity and quality have never been an issue and even without a big hit single (something you get the feeling they have never given two hoots about), each of their albums tweaks and builds on their well-worn template, always packing in more hooks than Captain Birdseye’s tackle box. On Hot Thoughts, produced by Dave Fridmann, the cool synth beats that flavoured the slinky garage rock grooves on 2014’s They Want My Soul are back again. The opening title track is energised by a typically jittery melody while First Caress and the filthily funky Do I Have to Talk You into it feature the kind of ridiculously infectious choruses that most pop wannabes would kill for. Being Spoonfed has never tasted so good.