Amiina, an all-female quartet formed in Reykjavik College of Music, cut their teeth as the string section for Icelandic buddies Sigur Rós. They return to Hong Kong’s Hidden Agenda on April 26, with an expanded line-up, following the “masculine infusion” of drummer Magnus and electronic artist Kippi. Their latest release, last year’s Fantômas, was conceived as the soundtrack to a 1913 French silent movie of the same name, an original score they plan to perform in its entirety, along with the most popular songs from their previous two albums. It’s dark, spooky stuff for contemporary classical music, and the combination of strings, keys, percussion and a much heavier electronic influence suits the suspenseful story of crooks and bumbling policemen in the bustling streets of Paris. The album is full of haunting late-night vibes, perfect for our city’s most popular underground venue.