Eternity, in Your Arms

As shown by the reception that greeted Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible when they took to the stage in Hong Kong recently, the music of The Damned still reaches far and wide. Admittedly, most of that crowd are getting on a bit, but the sound and vision of the punk legends is touching a younger gener­ation of snotty rockers, too. While British horror-punk outfit Creeper may have more in common with bands such as Alkaline Trio, Misfits and AFI, they tip more than a nod to The Damned when it comes to energised stagecraft. Thankfully, it’s not all smoke and mirror shades; Creeper have the tunes to back it up and their debut album is packed with bombastic songs perfectly suited to frontman Will Gould’s flamboyant live performances. Creeper mix grandiose choruses with driving pop-punk melodies and a thick slice of Meat Loaf pomp, such as on furious opener Black Rain and the lead single Suzanne, which bristles with a youthful angst. A damned fine effort.