Back in the late 1990s, when the space cowboy had canned heat in his heels, Jay Kay was one of life’s guilty pleasures. Sure, the young British singer had the bravado and playboy lifestyle that led to him being branded the “twat in the hat”, but we were quite partial to the cheeky little funker and his retro-styled acid-jazz outfit, Jamiroquai. By the time 2010’s Rock Dust Light Star came and quickly went, few people were craving another dose of the ol’ slinky grooves. So is it crazy to expect anything new from Kay as he returns with an eighth album, after a seven-year hiatus? Well, yes and no. It’s definitely funky and Kay’s effortlessly smooth tones, which were always the ace up his sleeve, hit the mark right from the synth-infused opener, Shake It On.Then it all goes a bit Daft Punky, with the title track and the icy beats of Superfresh and Hot Property veering in a heavy electronica direction. It’s a fresh angle to Kay’s stomping disco, at least.