Silver Eye

Following the intimate stripped-back soundscapes of 2013’s Tales of Us, the British duo of Will Gregory and Alison Goldfrapp pull on their glitter boots once again as they make a welcome return to their glam synth-pop ways on their seventh album. While the cinematic folk of their previous album certainly had its moments, there’s no denying that Goldfrapp are far more enjoyable when they’re dolled up and strutting across the dance floor. The squelchy disco thump of lead single Anymore and the pulsating Systemagic kick off the album in an uptempo spirit, instantly transporting us back to their fertile and funky Black Cherry and Supernature period, albeit with a darker industrial mood. The result of collaborations with the Haxan Cloak’s electronic composer, Bobby Krlic, and indie-rock producer John Congleton (St Vincent, Wild Beasts), the album takes a more minimal approach, focusing on heavy muscular beats with a dreamier vibe, as on the throbbing Become the One and the beautifully haunting Tigerman. The title apparently refers to the moon and, when the album isn’t wallowing in dark atmospherics, Silver Eye shines as brightly as mother nature’s mirrorball.