Pieces of a Dream

Last in Hong Kong for a show in 2011, Beijing post-hardcore quintet Multi-Ego will attempt to bring down the rafters of Hidden Agenda on May 20, assuming the Kwun Tong venue remains open after the recent police raid, touring their first full-length album, Pieces of a Dream. Formed in 2008 on the campus of the Beijing Contem­porary Music Academy, Multi-Ego’s hard-won live pedigree shines through from the fast and furious opener, Ink. Built on a filthy bass riff and a pummelling drum attack, it’s an explosive kick in the teeth, and the assault only intensifies with the machine-gun staccato and killer breakdowns of The Enemy Inside Me. The pace lessens on the acoustic 1937 and album closer Murphy’s Law, but driven by tight musicianship and vocals that switch effortlessly between roars, screams and melodic choruses, the brutal 4Diamond$ and My Smartphone Makes Me Look Stupid will leave you breathless and battered.