Ones and Sixes
Sub Pop

Although they have flown under the radar for most of their 24-year career, I’ll bet a banker’s bonus that critically acclaimed Minnesota slowcore trio Low will put on one of the most entrancing performances our city will see this year – if it goes ahead, that is. Characterised by minimal arrangements and the striking vocals of guitarist Alan Sparhawk and drummer Mimi Parker, who are also husband and wife, Low will no doubt throw in an obscure cover or two (perhaps their droning, hymn-like version of Little Drummer Boy from 1999) and draw from their most recent release, 2015’s haunting Ones and Sixes, if they do get to play at Hidden Agenda on May 23. Their 11th studio album mixes the warm acoustics of 2013’s The Invisible Way with the glitchy electronics that dominate the darker soundscapes of their latter career. No Comprende beats with an intense, almost menacing heart, as whipped drums and a plodding bass drive beautiful harmonies, and the magnificent Landslide threatens to implode a number of times over a series of exhilarating crescendos.