Evan Dando
Baby I’m Bored
Fire Records

While this won’t mean much to your average millennial, Evan Dando was a bit of a thing back in the 1990s. With a penchant for hard drugs, much like his friend Kurt Cobain, Dando was an indie pin-up who created sweet, jangly, alternative pop just as the US music scene was embracing heroin-fuelled grunge. The slacker icon and his band, The Lemonheads, were one of the first underground grunge acts to eye mainstream success, but, of course, it didn’t last. When the group disbanded after 1996’s Car Button Cloth, it would be seven years before the newly sober Dando returned with his first solo effort, Baby I’m Bored, an album of achingly heartfelt country rock that, without a band, showcased his dreamy voice. Embarking on a world tour in celebration of this year’s Record Store Day reissue (a limited edition of his solo debut accompanied by a disc of rarities), Dando will play the album in its entirety at North Point’s MOM Livehouse on June 12. See you down the front, Mrs Robinson.