Born of Osiris
The Eternal Reign
Sumerian Records

On an album that’s less of a new offering and more of a reimagining, American progressive-metal band Born of Osiris have come full circle to where they began more than a decade ago. The Eternal Reign is a revised and rerecorded version of their debut EP, The New Reign (2007). Recorded over spring break when the band were high school seniors, the original EP launched their career and got them signed to Sumerian Records. Now a tighter, more accomplished musical unit, they must have felt the rawness needed a little polish. The eight original tracks and one new song, Glorious Day, have a cleaner, brighter sound, but it would take a die-hard fan to notice the differences between the two recordings. The new dexterity in frontman Ronnie Canizaro’s growled vocals stands out the most, but there’s little change to the furious drumming and crushing guitar riffs. Marking this career milestone, BoS will bring the headbanging to Hidden Agenda on June 11 (if the gig goes ahead as planned), part of a world tour to celebrate this 10-year anniversary.