Fukushima’s Stolen Lives: A Dairy Farmer’s Story

By Kenichi Hasegawa

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After Japan’s 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami triggered the world’s worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl, the poisoning of soil, air and water by radioactive materials was only half the story. Government incompetence, denials and cover-ups, inadequate provision for survivors, shoddy disaster planning and obstruction of accident investigations by power company Tepco contributed the other half. The anger and helplessness felt by the villagers of Iitate as they saw their peaceful way of life destroyed is conveyed simply and heartbreakingly by Kenichi Hasegawa, a village official and “farmer, author, activist and photographer”. Before March 11, 2011, Iitate was home to 6,000 people and officially one of Japan’s most beautiful villages. While others tried to suppress news of what had happened to it and villages like it, Hasegawa took it upon himself to tell the world the truth.