An Abbreviated Life: A Memoir
By Ariel Leve
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The mother of uncontrollable narcissism and terrifying, violent mood swings has an identity. She is the mother of American journalist Ariel Leve and a novelist, poet and maker of an acclaimed feminist documentary. Leve doesn’t name her here (and if that were out of spite it would be under­standable) but her memoir is no less painful for it. While visiting Hong Kong, Leve’s mother met Harvey Leve, then a lawyer with the United States consulate. Ariel was an infant when her parents divorced in 1970 and subsequently didn’t see her cherished, relocated, father unless on trips to Bangkok. It wasn’t until she was 45, resident in Bali and reunited with her father, that Leve finally smashed her mother’s shackles. Told in short bursts skipping back and forth, this is the story of how she did it.