Razor Girl
By Carl Hiaasen (read by Jeff Harding)
Whole Story Audiobooks

Carl Hiaasen is the perfect author for audiobooks. His idiosyncratic brand of crime fiction is slangy, fast-moving, atmospheric and, rare for the genre, very funny. Buck Nance is the star of redneck pig farmer show Bayou Brethren, and his agent, Lane Coolman, is caught in a kidnapping sting. With Coolman otherwise engaged, Nance tells a downright unpleasant homophobic joke and lands in a slightly different world of trouble than his minder-manager. Throw in Hiaasen regular Andrew Yancy, working in pest control, his partner, Rosa, and more Miami eccentrics than Don Johnson has had designer jackets (Google that, kids) and narrator Jeff Harding couldn’t go wrong. Along with Elmore Leonard, Hiaasen is a master of screwball noir.