The Secret History of Twin Peaks
by Mark Frost (read by various)
Macmillan (audiobook)

Such was my obsession with David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks 25 years ago, I bought a slim spin-off volume called The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. Laura named her (then unknown) killer using dashes. Realising only one character had those numbers of letters in their names, I spoilt the big finale. So, I was nervous about this audiobook prelude to a new Twin Peaks series, supposedly due next year. Written by Frost himself, it features many familiar voices: most crucially, Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. There is mythology (owls, spaceships, woods) and even more self-consciously deadpan profundity: “It is important that we learn to distinguish between mystery and secrets.” By the end, I could hardly distinguish between hot and cold, but this is a crazed, tantalising trailer.