The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
by Mark Manson (read by Roger Wayne)
HarperAudio (audiobook)

It wouldn’t sell as many copies, but this book should be titled The Subtle Art of Knowing When to Give a F*ck. Regardless, blogger Mark Manson’s message is the same: happiness cannot be achieved by false positivity. Happy self-help stuff makes you fixate on what you lack, he writes, and social media doesn’t help when posts show your peers having a great time, all the time. His advice, simply, is to engage and try to improve things you care about, which also frees you from the Feedback Loop from Hell that makes you anxious about feeling anxious and angry about being angry. Manson goes against usual personal-growth pabulum by pointing out that not all of us deserve greatness; neither are we all special. Now these facts have been pointed out, there’s little need to buy the book.