The Gardens that Mended a Marriage
by Karen Moloney
Moloney Minds (audiobook)

“If you want to be happy for a year, get married; but if you want to be happy for a lifetime, get a garden.” On realising her marriage needed some tending after 25 years, Briton Karen Moloney asked her architect husband: where’s my house? Thus started the project of finding half an acre (although they would buy something 84 times the size) on which to build, in Spain. Moloney then studies Andalusian gardens, but that doesn’t prepare the couple for landslips, nightmarish planning laws, an inept builder, sluggish progress and a Persian garden plan that causes disagree­ment. Moloney and her husband don’t see eye to eye on what a garden should be – cultivated or left to nature. The book works across different genres, including gardening, travel and “love story”, as Moloney suggests. One bleat is that the narrator sounds like Miss Marple.