The President’s Daughter
by Jack Higgins (read by Jonathan Oliver)
HarperCollins (audiobook)

The president of the United States has fathered a daughter by a woman he slept with two decades earlier. An evil foreign power hacks into US government computers. So far, so believable. But as this is Jack Higgins and not Donald Trump, President Jake Cazalet is a veteran who bedded a French countess, of all people, while fighting in Vietnam. Perhaps suspecting America wasn’t ready for a president whose first-born was an illegiti­mate European, Cazalet kept Marie secret. Until, that is, a terrorist kidnaps her and issues his demands. Long story short: blow up the Middle East, or else. The terrorist hires an ex-IRA operative to deliver his ulti­matum, unaware he works for a gang of reformed lunatics. Cue plot twists, kidnappings and disquisitions on the headbutt.