Free Days with George
by Colin Campbell (read by Rudy Sanda)

Tantor Audio (audiobook)

Free Days with George is dog lit: it falls into that good-but-gooey category aim­ed at readers who lap up stories about pets and owners changing each other’s lives. This one centres on an abandoned dog invited into the home of a Torontonian after he returns from a business trip to find his wife has left him. Both dog and owner have issues with trust. George is a gentle giant, which has its own prob­lems. The Newfoundland Landseer weighs 63kg but is so timid as to make a useless guard dog. But slowly confidence returns – to both parties. Then the author is transferred to California and George encounters the sea. The Landseer is a breed known for its swimming ability, and George bounds into the water. It probably won’t be a classic, but that doesn’t mean their story cannot be enjoyed. Woof.