What Doesn’t Kill Us
written and narrated by Scott Carney

Are you sitting comfortably? Then Scott Carney can start explaining why the opposite might be better for you. His book explores the claims of Dutchman Wim Hof, known as “The Iceman”, that immune systems can be controlled through a breath­ing tech­nique akin to hyperventilation. The fitness guru appears able to raise his body temperature at will, allowing him to immerse himself in ice. In a bid to debunk his claims, Carney subjects himself to one of Hof’s sufferfests … and is hooked. He meets others, among them people with Parkinson’s disease and arthritis, who swear by Hof’s methods, prem­ised on the belief that our bodies are iden­tical to those of cavemen, who endured extreme conditions. By subjecting ourselves to home comforts, we have become unwell. The solution is to quit the jumpers, and breathe.