First Women
by Kate Andersen Brower (read by Karen White)
Harper Audio

Since 1961, 10 first ladies have lived in the White House – five married to Democrats, five to Republicans – and they’re the focus of Kate Andersen Brower’s latest book. The author of The Residence, which is about the day-to-day goings-on at the White House, feeds us some tantalising titbits– Jacqueline Kennedy did not want to be called “first lady” and Michelle Obama saw the White House as a “really nice prison”. We find out who liked whom (Michelle was closer to Laura Bush than she was to Hillary Clinton, while Melania Trump has been “alienated from their close-knit circle”). Brower also delves into presidential infidelities (Hillary considered her husband’s cheating a “sin of weakness”, not malice). This, obviously, won’t be the last word on that subject.