Say Nothing
by Brad Parks
Faber & Faber

If you judge a book by its cover blurbs, then Brad Parks’ Say Nothing is special indeed. Lee Child, Sue Grafton, Peter James and Jeffery Deaver have all lent their support to this tightly plotted thriller involving kidnap, blackmail and political conspiracy. When Judge Scott Sampson’s twin children, Sam and Emma, are abducted from their nursery, almost everyone in the world could be a suspect. Sampson lives an enviable life, at home and in the office. It turns out the latter is to blame, when a message arrives ordering him to sentence Rayshaun Skavron, a seem­ingly inconsequential drug dealer, to two life sentences. Then without warning, a new order arrives: “Let Skavron walk.” Parks generates an exquisite, heady nausea from Sampson’s increasingly claustrophobic situation, as he abandons his principles, to the rising anger of his superiors and family, in the hope of keeping his children safe. Gradually, Sampson realises it might be some of those closest to him who are pulling his strings. Parks keeps you guessing until the end.