Nasty Women Project
edited by Erin Passons
Gatekeeper Press

The terms “intersectional feminism”, “ableist” and “cissexism” in the introduction to this book may turn off some readers, but they grabbed this reviewer because she had no idea what they meant. Erin Passons came across the same words having shared on Facebook the views of a friend, who believed there could be a “silver lining” in Donald Trump’s victory in the United States presidential election. That light, the friend had said, would come from women, who, in uniting against a common enemy, could learn about the plights of those most affected by the new administration’s policies. That’s when stories of discrimination and abuse started flooding in and the Nasty Women Project began. Readers will know not to expect sunny stories from contributors. But why so many women took Hillary Clinton’s defeat and Trump’s victory personally may cause discomfort. We hear from women who have been raped; whose children are gay; who earn less than their male counterparts in the same jobs; who worry about their non-white status; and whose health afflictions took on graver implications overnight. There is an echo-chamber quality to the book but that is its strength.