by Jennifer Alison
Jennifer Alison Publishing

“One of the advantages of being disorganised is that one is always having surprising discoveries.” Winnie-the-Pooh would benefit from reading this book, especially the chapter on procrasti­nation, which raises the question: why do we rarely put off unimportant things? Reading this book may be just another form of procrastination when it comes to organising one’s life (or just one’s desk), but author Jennifer Alison has more to offer, generally about self-discipline, and it has to do with mindset. Rather than being overwhelmed by that zillion-dollar mortgage, set smaller savings targets, which trick the mind into maintaining perspective, she writes, as do realistic goals. She also stresses the importance of finishing tasks because “human beings have an innate need for completion”; making it easy to achieve success (don’t buy a gym membership you can’t afford); telling people what you’re doing (support helps); and marking 21 days away from now (to help you form your habit). This book will help folk who need that extra push. Others, however, may flinch at the platitudes and overuse of the word “journey” (25 times). As some smart company implored: “Just do it.”