The Fix
by David Baldacci

The Fix is bestselling author David Baldacci’s third novel in the past six months. Take that, J.D. Salinger. What makes this output even more impressive is that the three books represent three separate series. The Fix stars his newish hero, Amos Decker. Amos debuted in Memory Man (2015), which established his distinguish­ing detective power: a bizarre sporting injury gave him a photographic memory. The condition is a blessing and a curse: hired by the FBI, Amos is haunted beyond his control by crimes he has seen. The transgression described in The Fix is reminiscent of Agatha Christie: a seemingly motiveless murder involving two apparently unrelated people. The victim is a teacher; the killer, who also kills himself, is a successful businessman. Harper Brown of the Defence Intelligence Agency seems unwilling to investigate. Her reluctance covers a cover-up: the killer, Wayne Dabner, once worked for the National Security Agency. The twists are smartly achieved, but not so smart that you can’t see them coming. Expect another Baldacci in about a week.