Enslaved by Ducks
by Bob Tarte
(read by Stephen R. Thorne)

Tantor Audio

More than 50 characters make up this book, only 30 per cent of them human, including the author, Bob Tarte, an American music writer whose raison d’etre, from the time he gives in to his wife, Linda, and buys a gloomy dwarf bunny, is to keep everyone safe and happy. The prob­lem is that some of his pets aren’t above taking advantage of him. The couple also take home ducks, parrots, turkeys and starlings. There’s Hector, a cantankerous Mus­covy duck that lives up to its name; Stanley, the African grey parrot, who doesn’t appreci­ate loud TV; and call duck Peggy, the altruistic protector of a mallard with a limp. Little wonder, to retain his sanity, Tarte resorts to medication. Death plays a part in this dark, comic memoir, which is one for animal lovers willing to accept enslavement for moments of joy.