Left Field
by David Wilson (read by Tim Dalgleish)
Noises Off

More memoirs should include what film­maker David Wilson calls “hoopte­doodles” – stories that don’t quite fit in with the rest of the book. Far from getting in the way, these yarns lend authenticity and allow “Commie Wilson”, a lifelong activist now in his 70s, to recall events that form a more complete picture of his efforts to change the world. The author in 1992 co-founded War Child, which helped children in the former Yugoslavia. His efforts were supported by such luminaries as Brian Eno and Luciano Pavarotti, the latter lending his name to a music centre for children in Mostar, before walking out because of a corruption scandal that led to Wilson, the whistle-blower, being sacked. Wilson also pays homage to his father, a former Lancet editor who inspired his activism. Left Field is a quiet triumph.