Basket of Deplorables
by Tom Rachman (read by various)

Basket of Deplorables by acclaimed American writer Tom Rachman (The Imperfectionists [2010]) was written as an audiobook. It begins: “You can’t see me right now. Then again, I can’t see you either.” These words are thought by Georgina Peet in one of five stories about Trump’s America: the title is a Hillary Clinton quote referencing Trump supporters. Georgina recounts a ritzy election-night party thrown by her slimy husband. An accident the year before robbed Georgina of her sight but lends her sardonic wit. “Truth is for Losers” has a great opening. Hearing his unpleasant brother has died, Glen comments, “which is such great news with everything going on in the world lately”. Other stories interro­gate America’s relationship with outsiders. The tone is humorous and pointed, and the plotting contrived but elegant.