Yawn: Adventures in Boredom
by Mary Mann (read by Jessica Almasy)
Audible Studios

“We are less bored than our ancestors were,” wrote philosopher Bertrand Russell, “but we are more afraid of boredom.” This message is underscored in Mary Mann’s book, which raises points about what boredom means, especially in a time of tech-fed instant gratification.

Yawn also tackles gender-based differ­ences in dealing with tedium and the benefits of monotony. Perhaps fearing that such a book should not itself be boring, Mann jumps from topic to topic, connecting them with anec­dotes of varying interest. Giving us pause is the link between boredom and depression, boredom’s manifestation in irrita­bility and violence, and the fact 80 per cent of people world­wide say they’re bored of their jobs.

Researching boredom didn’t help Mann find a cure for it, but even if there were one, she says, she’s not sure she’d want it.