Against All Odds
by Danielle Steel (read by Dan John Miller)
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Danielle Steel’s new novel is propelled more by the children of its heroine, Kate Madison, than by Kate herself. One daughter, Julie, marries in haste, sacrifi­cing her career for her new squeeze. Ditto lawyer Isabelle, who falls for the client she has just defended in a criminal case. Kate’s eldest son, Justin, wants to start a family with a reluctant partner, Richard. The most shocking revelation of all comes when Kate’s youngest brings home a girlfriend nearly old enough to be his mother.

Long since widowed, Kate contemplates her brood’s stupidest deci­sions as if they are Nobel Prize acceptance speeches. So anonymous is she,that she gets a male narrator, Dan John Miller, who reads with the kind of enthusiasm normally reserved for fashion pages.

It’s OK, if predictable.