The Stars in Our Eyes
written and read by Julie Klam
Penguin Audio

Why do Sex and the City fans pose in front of the New York brownstone where Carrie Bradshaw “lived”? What did you feel when you heard Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie had split? If you have no idea or couldn’t care less, stay clear of this book. But for the legions enamoured of celebrity, Julie Klam’s explanation for why we dwell on these strangers might help make sense of your Daily Mail habit. That the author told her therapist she was “really upset” about Brad and Jen’s news reveals something of how they come to be our imaginary friends.

The most interesting part is the experiment involving 12 monkeys, given salty snacks to make them thirsty. When offered their favour­ite drink or the opportunity to look at pictures of a group (celeb­rity) leader, all chose the latter.

Say no more.