A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
by Mark Twain (read by Nick Offerman)

Nick Offerman, moustachioed star of television comedy Parks and Recreations, is the latest big-name actor to narrate a classic audiobook. His no-nonsense, mellow and perpetually amused bass is perfect for Mark Twain’s genial sarcasm.

Hank Morgan, an otherwise perfectly ordinary engineer, finds himself transported from Connecticut to the Court of King Arthur. Challenged to a duel, which he promptly loses, Hank is taken to Camelot where he is mocked for his strange speech, dress and code of conduct. Putting his impressive modern knowledge to good use, he rises through the ranks by predicting a solar eclipse, exposing Merlin as a fraud and introducing inno­vations such as the bicycle and lasso.

Offerman specialises in the deadpan, but sounds like he enjoys Hank sending up the silliness of Arthurian legend.