Set in sand So at The goods we are going to make “sand” a thing. Trust us, it’s the hot colour right now. Seriously. OK, not many people are talking about “sand” at the moment but if we bang the drum enough it will become cool, right? Anyway, we thoroughly recommend you check out Italian shoemaker Officine Creative, which makes a lovely sand brogue (above left; HK$4,198) and an even better sand desert boot (above right; HK$4,000). Officine Creative is available from


Sound effects We are quite taken by the Brionvega WearIt mini-speaker (above left; HK$1,499), designed by the legendary Michael Young studio. It's got all the techy bits you would want from a mini-speaker (24-hour battery, wireless connections, high-fidelity sound) but, for us, it just looks super cool and the speaker sits inside a gorgeous leather carry case (above right) that comes in a number of great colours. Brionvega is available from Amelie & Tulips, 56 Sai Street, Sheung Wan.


Comeback kids Who doesn't love a comeback story? For Kenzo, the way to become relevant again was simple: in short, hand the reigns over to kids who've got taste and business savvy and leave them to it. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the people behind incredibly hip fashion emporium Opening Ceremony, have upped the cool at the French label by adding colour, animal prints and eye-catching designs. From the latest holiday season capsule collection, we like the Eye tee (above right; HK$990) and Bamboo Tiger sweatshirt (above left; HK$3,090). Kenzo is available from


Emporio's new clothes While other diffusion lines such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, D&G and Burberry Brit are either no more or on their way out as brands streamline their collections, Emporio Armani is still alive and kicking, and the chief reason is that it makes good-quality high-fashion clothes at relatively accessible prices. From its autumn-winter collection, we love this look of wool blend bomber jacket (HK$19,100), which features the season's signature brush-stroke print detail, wide leg trousers (HK$5,800), wool blend collar scarf with zipper (HK$2,300), black bag with the same brush stroke motif (HK$11,000) and leather shoes (HK$6,400; all above right). We also love this rock-star chic look of geometric print pea coat made of alpaca wool (HK$17,000), fleece trousers (HK$6,400), fingerless gloves (HK$2,000) and a rather fetching faux fur poncho (HK$4,500; all above left). Emporio Armani is in Chater House, Central.