The prince's pride "You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means," so said Inigo Montoya, about his boss Vizzini's overuse of the word "inconceivable", but he may as well have said it about the word "luxury". When even high street retailers slip "luxury" into their advertising copy, you know the word has become pretty meaningless. However, fret not, there are brands out there that are so confidently exclusive that they never utter such vulgarities. One of those is Italian leather goods maker Valextra, which makes simply wonderful products. In particular, we love the colourful range of card wallets (HK$1,800 each; above). Valextra is available from Lane Crawford, IFC Mall, Central.

A tight ship The winter collections from the big names in Paris, London and Milan have had a decidedly sporty and, well, giant-coat vibe this year. But while things elsewhere are getting looser and baggier, over at Dior Homme, they are still flying the flag for tight tailoring and smart casual clothes, as seen in this great look, which is dominated by the Prince of Wales check suit (jacket HK$27,000; waistcoat HK$8,400; trousers, price available upon request, inquiries: 2162 8008) and complimented with sporty accessories such as the rubber-soled derby shoe (HK$7,900), tie (HK$1,700) and badges (HK$3,900 for the set; all above right). Dior Homme designer Kris Van Assche could never be described as boring and it's because of looks like this one, which has as its centrepiece a black and yellow print long body warmer (HK$17,000), worn under a wool jacket (HK$25,000), with the look completed with wool trousers (HK$6,200), tie (HK$1,700) and leather derby shoes (HK$7,900; all above left). Dior Homme is in The Landmark, Central.

Lock, sock and barrel Men often rely on gifts from their mum/girlfriend/
wife/partner to replenish their sock drawer so in case mum/girlfriend/wife/partner is reading this, perhaps you should consider Holisocks, a new Hong Kong-based company that does dozens and dozens of colourful socks that range from the wacky to the, well, slightly less wacky (HK$120 a pair; above). Holisocks are available from

Pack in the saddle The goods always tries to bring you things that may raise an eyebrow or two and, after rummaging through our inbox, we found this rather nifty leather bike case (above; HK$13,400) from Montblanc, of all brands. Yeah, we had no idea it made products like this, either. Anyway, the bicycle pannier case (to give it its official name) is made of soft grain leather and can be used as a document case and a backpack. What a time to be alive! Montblanc is in IFC Mall.