Fashion shoot: men's winter coats - long, short, hooded, buttons optional

When it comes to winter outerwear, we've got you covered.


Coat (HK$24,700) by Fendi. Shirt (HK$4,800) and trousers (HK$7,000) by Hermès. Belt (HK$3,700) by Lanvin. Shoes (HK$97,000) by Alfred Dunhill. Gloves (HK$2,600) by Giorgio Armani.


Coat (HK$25,200) by Alfred Dunhill. Jacket (HK$25,000), trousers (HK$6,200), shirt (HK$5,000) and tie (HK$1,700), all by Christian Dior.


Coat (HK$31,100) by Emporio Armani. Shirt (HK$4,600) by Prada.


Coat (HK$21,000) by Dior. Shirt (HK$7,145) by Saint Laurent and belt (HK$939) by Hugo Boss, both from Mr Porter. Trousers (HK$4,850) by Prada.


Coat (HK$62,000) by Hermès. Trousers (HK$6,200) by Christian Dior. Scarf (HK$18,300) by Fendi. Shirt (HK$4,600) by Prada. Bag (HK$258,000) by Giorgio Armani.


Blazer (HK$18,600) by Alfred Dunhill. Shirt (HK$4,400) and belt (HK$3,700) by Lanvin. Trousers (HK$6,300) by Hermès. Sunglasses by Giorgio Armani (inquiries: 2532 7700).


Photographer Raul Docasar at Fast Management
Production Fast Management
Stylist Lacie Thorne
Hair Chris Yu
Photographer’s assistant Janet Fung
Stylist’s assistant Jen Webb
Model Pawel at Mission Models HK


This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Get your coat