I'm looking for tailor-made lingerie. I've never had a bra that felt comfortable or fitted perfectly. Is there anywhere that does bespoke in Hong Kong?
Breast Best, Admiralty

The Dictator rules: First, get your tailoring terms straight. Tailor-made could connote a number of services, such as made-to-measure or bespoke. Whereas made-to-measure takes existing cutting patterns and modifies them to your measurements, bespoke creates original patterns for your unique proportions and style preferences. So, no, we have not found a bespoke lingerie service in Hong Kong for you. However, we do know of a hidden gem that does made-to-measure lingerie: Exquisite Intimates (HK$1,000 and up; 10/F, Hilltop Plaza, 49 Hollywood Road, Central, tel: 3620 3307). Sure, there are other experts in London, Paris and other world capitals, but unless you plan to fly over for fittings, stick to what we've got in Hong Kong. Now, ladies, made-to-measure lingerie should not be the only thing that fits properly in your wardrobe. All bras in particular should be properly fitted by specialists. In Hong Kong, there are some complimentary fitting services, including: Rigby & Peller (2 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, tel: 2560 5368) and Sheer (13 Gough Street, Central, tel: 2147 3887). Visit trueandco.com and take the Fit Quiz. Use this as the learning experience you should have had as an adolescent. Get fitted by different specialists, understand what works on your body, and finally figure it out!

I thought my nieces would love some of those cute little dry face masks that look like pills and expand when you add water. I was sure I'd find lots in Log On, but they didn't have any! Where can I get some to maintain my cool Auntie status?!
What a Pill, SoHo

The Dictator: Great idea. It's really cool to glamorise pills to teens. Anyway, desiccated facial masks were replaced years ago by other skincare gimmicks. A sampling at Sasa includes supposed essences of snake, swallow's nest, snail and exotic fruit (HK$24 per packet). We hope parents vet your gifts, read the fine print and protect their daughters' young skin, especially as many instructions are in Japanese or Korean with minimal English translations. Cool Auntie could become Poisoner Auntie in a single beauty session. But we must answer your question. Yes, you can still find a few "pills", such as Kose's Lotion Mask (HK$35 for 15 masks; Sasa). What is it made of? Who knows? The information is mostly in Japanese. At Sasa, you'll also find GR Collection's Compressed Facial Masks (HK$19 for 15 "tablets"), with instructions vaguely in English. The only material listed is cotton, non-woven fabric. The instructions recommend activating the mask with far more interesting liquids than water, including skin toner, floral water and facial lotion. From Korea, there is Rosy Rosa's Face Sheets (coin type) (HK$25 for 12; Sasa). Beyond that, all we know is it promises on the packaging to be "my favourite simple and smart items." You're welcome.

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