Please don't tell me I'm being childish but my heart was lifted by those tiaras on the runways. Were they just part of a costume for the shows or are there non-princessy, faux jewellery types I could buy?

Queen for a Day, Mid-Levels East

The Dictator rules: Fine, I won't say it, but you know I'm still thinking it. Where exactly do you plan to wear such a thing? To your Monday morning meetings? To a formal event where, let's face it, any other tiaras are likely to be real (and just as silly)? Upon closer inspection, I believe your Highness will find that most of the tiaras were in fact statement hair accessories. Miu Miu sent its spring-summer 2016 collection down the runway with pretty hairbands bejewelled in crystals, faux pearls and palladium plating, plus some plexiglass for a touch of modernity (HK$2,750 to HK$6,350). Rodarte used floral metallic hair clips that were strategically placed to look like part of a crown. The clips by the elusive brand aren't easy to source but similar styles by others are within your reach. For example, Plasticouture has a cute substitute in its Sakura antiqued brass head band (HK$196; Or invest in one of the gorgeous floral head bands by Jennifer Behr, which are pretty close to being crowns in gold-plated brass (HK$2,470 to HK$6,909; Saint Laurent sent grunge tiaras down its runway and pronounced them, "to be worn with everything". You can easily get yours for a pittance in one of the costume stores on Pottinger Street.

I'm quite lazy with make-up and can't use applicators. One of those big eye shadow crayons would be perfect, but last I looked, they were all either really expensive designer ones or questionably cheap ones from companies I'd never heard of. Which is the best?

Top Tip, Central

The Dictator: Oh God. I'm imagining a child left alone with Crayolas. (We have a theme this week, girls.) Even a good eye shadow pencil will sometimes require blending in with an applicator or a digit. In the years since you looked, many cosmetics brands have caught on, though. You obviously know nothing, so just trust my impeccable judgment on brands. Shu Uemura has released the Drawing Crayon in 12 matte shades defined by base, accent or contour/define colours (HK$205 each; Lab Concept). They go on creamy and definitely need a smudge. The new Nars Velvet Shadow Stick comes in eight hues and slides on easily but thickly enough to need to be blended (HK$260 each; Lab Concept). Sisley has the popular three-in-one Phyto-Eye Twist in eight colours, with a jumbo tip that can be applied as either eye shadow, eye pencil or eyeliner (HK$330; Harvey Nichols). They're all fabulous but, to be honest, your search could have ended ages ago with Laura Mercier's excellent Caviar Stick Eye Color (HK$240), available in countless hues. It goes on as light or heavy as you choose and outlasts most others. More? You want more? Go bother Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Innisfree and By Terry.

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