What’s the story? Mr & Mrs Italy was founded in 2007 but was taken over by private equity honcho Andrea Bucalossi in 2013. Last year, he appointed designer Geraldina Bassani Antivari, who has worked with a number of brands including Aperlai, as creative director. Since then the brand has become a fashion musthave and has been spotted on celebrities including Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and various Korean superstars.

Why we love it: the collections are based on iconic garments and everyday essentials, such as the parka, which are then reinterpreted with fashionforward details including colourful fur accents and embroideries. Many of the coats are made by hand and lined with fur, making them uber luxe. The spring-summer collection, for example, references old-school tracksuits, bomber jackets and shirts, which come covered in branded patches and other decorative elements. Spring also sees the introduction of a new icon, the trench coat, which is based on one worn by British motorcycle messengers in the 1920s. Details include a chest pocket and buttons on the hem, which were originally used to secure the coat to the motorcycle.

What we’d pick: the casual blue trench coat (above centre; HK$14,500) makes a statement thanks to its embellished collar. Essentials include the denim parka (HK$6,700), which can be amped up with a colourful fur collar (HK$6,500; both above left), and the more understated patched parka (above right; HK$14,900).

Where can you get it? Mr & Mrs Italy is in IFC Mall, Central.