London calling Milan might have sprezzatura, New York the glam and Paris the élan, but London fashion is unpretentious, youthful, edgy and, let's face it, cool. Royal College of Art alum Astrid Andersen has perfectly captured the vibrancy of London fashion this season with her streetwear-infused, slightly retro spin on the bomber jacket (above left; HK$7,690) and shiny nylon jumper (above right; HK$4,990) - a must for fashionistas. Astrid Andersen is available at Harvey Nichols, The Landmark, Central.

What's the skinny? If you read the fashion press then you would have read the obituaries for skinny fit menswear and how everything is loosey-goosey now. That is true up to a point. Men's clothing is getting looser in fit, with oversized coats and baggier trousers appearing all over the place, but fret not - skinny is not dead yet. Dior Homme is still creating uber-hip slim-fit looks, such as this navy ensemble that features a wool jacket (HK$20,000), white cotton patterned poplin shirt (HK$13,000), camouflage-print leather belt (HK$5,600), calfskin Derby shoe (HK$10,000), leather briefcase (HK$410,000) and, of course, the skinny wool trousers (HK$6,700; all above left). This grey look also has a slim silhouette and is made up of wool jacket (HK$15,500), print shirt in cotton (HK$14,000), slim-fit trousers (HK$9,500), leather belt (HK$5,600), black calfskin leather shoes (HK$10,000) and nifty sunglasses (HK$6,400; all above right). Dior Homme is in The Landmark.